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Dilemma of the broken gourd

Written by  Published in Old Articles Sunday, 29 July 2012 13:03
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A broken gourd A broken gourd

 Little Kim rues daybreak and hates working days with a pas­sion. The big reason behind this;  work. Work and more work; why is the world this unfair? One day his mother asked him to go to the river and fetch some water. Cheeky Kim made a hole on the gourd and told the mother ‘I can’t go to the river because the gourd has a hole. Mother asked him to repair the gourd but he answered he doesn’t know how. She advised him to use clay but the grounds were too hard to dig. She asked Kim to use a knife to break the clay but he said it was too blunt. She asked him to sharpen it but Kim answered the whet stone was too dry. She asked Kim to wet the stone but lazy Kim reminded her “there is no water mother”. Mother asked Kim to fetch water and he told her “I can’t go to the river because the gourd has a hole”.

 There are a thousand and one excuses why a task cannot be done but there is one good reason why it should be done; understanding. I observed two bulls pull­ing a yoke as a farmer ploughed his land and there seemed to be some under­standing between all the parties. There were no whips, no shouts and certainly no pushing, just nice whistling and every­thing worked with Swiss precision. What is the secret of doing what you are tasked to do in harmony with your surround­ings, space and others? If cross specie equilibrium is possible for efficient work­ing then what will stop us from achieving all our dreams?

 Are we doing the right things at the right time?

 I want to feel you through efficient and flawless execution of tasks rather than numerous calls on where we are at? I need to rest in the knowledge that; as long as you are working on it I can as well consider it done.

 Are you bossy or supportive when co­ordinating tasks?

 The bulls were ahead pulling the plough as the poor farmer followed firmly aligning the blades when they fell out of cue a perfect coordination for the desired results; Understanding – check, Harmony – check, Meeting target – check. No whips no nothing.

 Do you listen or talk more?

 The whistling had its magic on the whole team. To the those on the ‘talk more pay less attention” tariff , the farm­er was just killing time but to the keen ear the bulls seemed to tug more, walk slow and turn on different tunes.

 Listen to all that is around you, take a deep breath and let it flow. We have to build KICD through team work and com­plementing each other on our various diverse capabilities. The gourd is in your hands. Will you go to the river?


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