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Let’s practice the true meaning of “Happy new year”

Written by  Published in Opinion Sunday, 19 January 2014 00:00

I remember with nostalgic memories one advert about a cough lozenge aptly named Good Morning, which went like this; a man coughing incessantly; then a friend greeted him with the characteristic template “Good morning” to which he replied with a good dose of punctuated coughing “What’s so good about the morning?”

The year 2014 ushers in another golden opportunity for us to live up to the salutation “Happy new year”. Like the man in the advert I will build my case on this three words. Let’s take a walk on this shall we?

Happy: We need to build good working relations within the Taasisi family. Happiness is a reflective attribute that comes to you in abundance when you influence people positively. Granted differences and challenges will accrue as long as our engagements are genuine. Be positive this year and observe how strong this works for your productivity and well being.

New: The year cannot be new if we don’t change ourselves, the way we perceive things and work. Make this the year of creativity and innovations. Let the ideas roll however odd they may sound. The best way to step forward is to face forward, focus and keep walking in order to achieve our collective objectives. You may have tripped, fallen but that’s no excuse to stay down. Rise up dust off and keep walking.

Year: This is the only constant in the salutation. If you sit through and do nothing or better still if you win a yellow card and relocate to Kazakhstan, time will still pass. Utilize the time well to the benefit of your call of duty as an officer, a parent and a dutiful citizen of this noble country. There is so much going for Taasisi, let’s strive to make life better for the Kenyan child.

Happy New Year KICD.

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