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New curriculum for deafblind

Written by Sunday, 19 January 2014 03:00

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) in partnership with SENSE International East Africa has develop a Community based Education Curriculum for Deaf blind Learners who are unable to go to school due to poverty or additional disabilities.

Speaking in a workshop, Mr. Elmond Songe, a Chief Curriculum Developer for Visually Impaired (CCDOVI) at KICD said the main objective of developing the Curriculum was to improve on quality of life of deaf blind persons by imparting them with skills that will make them useful in their families and communities at large.

The development of the curriculum took place at KICD in a 10 days’ workshop held from the 4th to 13th of November 2013.

The aim of the workshop was to meet the people’s desire to have one curriculum which will provide Kenyans and the entire East African Region with a tool guiding trainers in educating persons with deaf blind disabilities or any other additional disability.

According to Mr. Songe, the community based curriculum is divided in two levels. The first level involves Early Childhood intervention where the state indentifies and takes charge of children who are deaf blind and are unable to go to school due to poverty. The second level involves taking young adults who are deaf blind to school.

The amazing sculpture

Written by Sunday, 19 January 2014 06:00

A sculpture has been stationed at the entrance of the Old NACECE building for years. Looking at it keenly, an idea of its representation struck my mind. I realized the sculpture and a relating meaning to the mission and vision of the Institute.

The sculpture portrays an image of a man and a woman uniting strongly to protect a child. They seem to be a couple bonded by strong love to protect their child. They seem very united and determined to secure the child’s future and make a better tomorrow for him. They are responsible for the welfare of the child. The future of the child depends of their effort to develop and someone out of nobody in the child’s life. The image shows that the parents take pride in protecting the child and making him a better man out of him.

In relation to the Institution the man and woman represents KICD whereby KICD plays a great role like that of a parent.

KICD is a centre for excellence in the transformation and globally competitive curricula.It aims to provide quality curriculum and curriculum support materials responsive to the need of the society which here is the betterment of tomorrow’s future of a Kenyan child.

The strong unity of the man and the woman represents some of the Institute’s core values for instance KICD encourages teamwork and thus all the employees adapt to the move to produce excellent output. KICD is accountable to Kenyan child’s future.

The institution puts much effort in ensuring that Kenya produce the best citizens by protecting the child’s future through constant developing the school’s curriculum and supporting the education for all the children. KICD is like a mother and father to Kenyan child.

New way to teach PE

Written by Sunday, 19 January 2014 03:00

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), through Creative Arts Section of Basic Education Division has developed a Curriculum in the area of physical Education named “The Game Hopscotch”, variants that can be utilized by Learners of various age groups. The Game is aimed to make the learning fun by using the redesigned variants to enhance concepts and skills learnt in other subject areas such as: Music, Mathematics, Social Studies, Sciences, English Language and Life skills amongst others.

The Game Hopscotch originated from Italy, and was played thousands years ago by Roman Soldiers to test their strengths, and speeds sometimes hopping over one hundred feet carrying heavy weights.

Nowadays Hopscotch is a backyard game enjoyed by children all over the world and Kenyan among them. Children learning through hopscotch may seem like they are having fun , but very important in children development of gross motor skills such as running , jumping and hopping, while also teaching.

“The KICD Creative Arts Section is aiming to fetch from the rich content of the game to the benefits of teaching our children different subjects through the game to enhance their interest of learning without getting tired,” says Ms. Purity Warigia from creative arts.

Welcome to the re-branded Newsflash. As we are all aware, the enactment of the KICD Act brought many changes including change of name from Kenya Institute of Education (KIE) to Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD). This change of name prompted the change of logo.

It is in this regard that the KICD newsletter, Newsflash”, has re-branded. Prior to re-branding, the newsletter was converted from a print publication to a digital one. The digital newsletter has many advantages, among them being regular update of articles to ensure timely dissemination of information as well as a wide reach of audience. The digital newsletter has also been linked to social media sites facebook and twitter.

All staff members have been subscribed automatically to receive online Newsflash through their KICD email domain.

However, due to public demand, the newsflash team in consultation with the management has decided to retain the print version with few printouts which will be stationed in strategic locations including the libraries.

The Newsflash team thank you for the continued support and wish you a Happy 2014.