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KICD moves to revise its HR manual Featured

Written by  Published in News Thursday, 13 November 2014 11:29
some of the HR staff display their medical cover cards some of the HR staff display their medical cover cards

The KICD Human Resource division has initiated the process of reviewing the human resource manual. The HR manual is a key document that guides the execution of HR functions within the Institute. The changes have been occasioned by requirements of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), that all staff be vetted.

EACC targets that all officers working in the civil service demonstrate highest level of integrity while discharging their duties. The level of integrity comprises of observing working hours, efficient service delivery, and demonstrating ethical behavior while on duty.

The HR division has appealed to staff members to give their views during this crucial exercise. HR Manual is a collection of corporate policies and guidelines developed to assist hr professionals with daily human resource management activities.

Functions of HR manual

Some of the most important functions regulated by the manual include:

Recruitment and Selection; this function touches on appointments of staff to various positions. According to the KICD HR manual, the appointing authority is the Council which approves all recruitments. Whenever a vacancy arises the Human resource division advises the CEO who then seeks the approval of the Council before recruitment commences.

Performance management; this is about creating cordial working environment for employees.It also determines circumstances under which an employee is disciplined in the eventuality that the set performance is not achieved as desired.

Disciplinary control; this is a function that controls employee behavior and ethics within the workplace. The Human resource can discipline an employee for failing to adhere to the set code of conduct i.e dressing, office etiquette and general discipline within the workplace. Whenever an employee behaves out of the expected conduct, they are first given warning and given time to change. If they do not improve then due process of discipline is followed.

Time and attendance: this is a function that regulates the working hours of employees within the Institute. Working hours within KICD are between 8 a.m – 5 p. m. those who work in shifts are regulated by the various heads of the particular sections.

Separation; this provides guidelines and procedures for the separation of a staff from employment of the Institute. Separation of employment is either voluntary or involuntary.

A voluntary separation is one that results when an employee leaves the Institute employment at his/her own initiative through resignation or retirement. An involuntary separation is one initiated by the employer, and may arise as a result of several reasons, including disciplinary, or dismissal due to public interest.

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